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Del & Artie Selects - Top 10 Items from Catherine Pooler's Shop

Del & Artie Selects - Top 10 Items from Catherine Pooler's Shop

Hey there! Thanks for joining me at Del & Artie today. I have a fun little post about my favorite selections from the Catherine Pooler Designs Shop I want to share with you. I’ll try to be concise, but I have a lot of good things to say about this brand. So if you want to just see the spoiler list, head down to the supplies grid!

10. My Favorite Ink Color Combo

So my favorite ink blending combo using Catherine Pooler Inks shines in this photo:


The combo above includes: Juniper Mist, Grape Crush, Flirty Fuchsia, Party Dress and Lemoncello. You HAVE to try this combo with one of the cover plate dies available in the shop!

9. Favorite Non-CPD Tool

My favorite tool award from another brand goes to the Picket Fence Life-changing Blender Brushes. These brushes make blending effortless, especially when you combine your blending with Catherine’s inks and White cardstock! I don’t have to worry about tiny little storage for sponges. I have one wire mesh container to hold them at my work space. I recommend getting a few sets of the medium size brushes.

8. Favorite Paper (It’s actually in a journal)

I have enjoyed all the paper from Catherine Pooler. My favorite comes in the Canvo Bullet Journal. This paper has the strength and the smoothness to handle dye ink, alcohol markers and watercolor pens. You can blend colors beautifully on it. It reminds me of a Bristol Smooth finish. Plus, it has a dotted grid for design precision.

7. Favorite Stamp Set

My favorite stamp set has a lot to do with sentimental value, because I enjoy all the stamps I have from CPD. But the award goes to “The World Awaits” Stamp Set. Here’s why! When I first started branching out to higher quality stamps than you find in the big box stores, I stumbled across a Mystery Box sale from a very popular designer. I snagged the box and it had this beautiful world map stamp in it. I was amazed. I took to Instagram Live with it and some watercolor pens. That’s where I believe Catherine’s daughter, Eva, was watching along and shared my video with her momma! So this stamp set is where it all started with me and CPD! Beyond the sentimental aspect, this stamp set is unique and versatile. It is on the first page of my Canvo Journal as a reminder that God created the world.

6. Favorite Stencil

My favorite Catherine Pooler stencil releases today, July 30, 2019, to StampNation members and tomorrow for everyone! It‘s part of the Unsinkable Collection and it’s called Shell Parade. You can catch a glimpse of it in the background of this card. The dainty lines and curves of this stencil still stand up to a good ink blender brush beating! And the image it leaves behind—phenomenal.

5. Favorite Bundle

My favorite CPD bundle feels like Catherine’s team designed it for me. Maybe I’m projecting a little, but seriously, this one has DUDE CARD written all over it! My favorite bundle award goes to Hey Mister! It has a deer, a bear, a HOWLING WOLF!!! So fun! The patterned paper includes plaids and so does the background stamp! This set is a must have for everyone creating cards for men!

4. Favorite Catherine Pooler Designs Tool

You will want to give your other acrylic blocks away to the people who’ve done you wrong when you get a hold of my favorite CPD Branded Tool! If you haven’t already, don’t forget to add this set of 6 Acrylic Grid Blocks to your order. They have smooth, curved edges that help you hold onto them, without the discomfort of a hard edge! They are PERFECTLY weighted for stamping and the sizes and shapes work well with Catherine’s stamps.

3. Favorite Favorite CPD Ink Color

My favorite color is Teal, so of course my favorite ink color from Catherine Pooler will be Aquatini!! I have to reink my Aquatini pad almost as often as I do my Midnight! It’s perfect for blending into blues and then violets for underwater scenes. I recommend purchasing the ink pad with a reinker! You don’t want to be caught without this beautiful color. Here is a recent post at Del & Artie that shows my love of Aquatini!

2. Favorite Subscription

Now, I have to admit that I just now subscribed to Club Canvo this month. But, I have items from the subscription than have just blown me away. I love how the stamps all coordinate with monthly layout designs for the Canvo Bullet Journal. But, you can also use them for making cards!!! I can’t wait to get my August set next week or so. And it’s only about $22 plus shipping. That’s lunch for two, and you get to keep it forever!

1. Favorite Thing in the Shop

Now, for my #1 favorite thing in the Catherine Pooler Shop—the award goes to ALL THE INKS. People have heard me call Catherine Pooler Inks the Mercedes Benz of inks. If you’re not familiar with them, they feel buttery and look beautiful. They provide a unique coverage on stamps that will make you wonder why it took you so long to take the plunge and buy them. They stay wet long enough to emboss with them, yet they are dye inks, not pigments. They blend like a dream and coordinate like Tim Gunn! I love all the inks I have in my stash. They all have a specific purpose and use. Let me just say, though, I am VERY pleased to have the ENTIRE collection of Catherine Pooler Inks. They sit stacked within arms reach and in full view, 24/7 at my work space.

I could tell you to take them for a trial run—buy a starter pack of the basic colors—like I did. But who am I kidding? You will save more if you buy the whole collection in one fell swoop. Invest in your own smile, my friend! I believe Catherine Pooler has found a way to package happiness in a sponge pad!

Of course, there are options for the doubting Thomasinas among us… Try the minis if you like! I have them too!

I hope you have enjoyed my Top 10 Items from Catherine Pooler’s Shop. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at delandartie@gmail.com. You can also reach me on social media at facebook.com/delandartie or instagram.com/delandartie .

If you have been inspired to shop today at Catherine Pooler’s Shop, I have included a grid of supplies below for your convenience! Let me know your favorite items in the shop in the comments section below.

You can also download a FREE PDF for my 10 Favorite Things in Catherine’s Shop here.

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