Hello, my name is Daniel West.

In Bible College, I had the privilege of walking with some truly awesome friends. One of them, Ricky Daniel (Danny), became a lifelong buddy. Together we goofed around a lot and decided to call each other by our first initials. We had seen a lot of older, more dignified preachers do that and we wanted to make light of their apparent self-importance.

Danny called me DL and I called him RD. Eventually, DL gave way to Del, and RD, well, I think you know. Inseparable in college, we continue our friendship today.

God created us to live in community with meaningful friendships. I believe in building community wherever I can. Among papercrafters and cardmakers, I have just recently arrived, but I have brought with me a big heart to make friends and connect folks to inspiration, resources and each other.

So, you can call me Daniel or you can call me ‘Del’. Either way, the ‘Arties’ are all my friends in this community who care to walk in friendship, inspiration and community with me.