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Pretty Mean Collection with Hero Arts My Monthly Hero Card Kit

Pretty Mean Collection with Hero Arts My Monthly Hero Card Kit

Those of you who hang out with me on Instagram (@delandartie) know I really enjoy having fun with my stamps in unexpected ways. This month, the Hero Arts My Monthly Hero Card Kit includes some amazing images that lend themselves to mischief.

In this series of cards, you will meet two siblings, Jesse and Janet. They really do love each other, almost as much as they despise each other (did you experience this among your siblings?) In my first card, Jesse and Janet had taken on the task of decorating the outside Christmas tree, on orders from Mom and Dad. Instead they took off to play with their friends. The neighborhood fauna got involved and the raccoon ruined the lights.


When Mom and Dad found the lights a mess and unusable, Janet blamed Jesse. She got away scot-free and her parents grounded Jesse from his phone for a week.

Of course this didn’t sit well with the lad, so he decided to get his revenge that evening when their parents took them ice skating at the city park. The sign near the ice warned skaters of a recent warmup and thinning of the ice.

Jesse shoved his sister and she fell right in the icy waters. Her mom and dad did not see it happen, but heard Jesse cry for help. They rushed to the icy edge and pulled Janet to safety.


Just days after the thin ice scandal, Jesse and Janet head out to downcity Providence to skate around the city Christmas tree. It appears that all is well, but it’s not over yet. Janet seems to have forgiven Jesse his merciless shove into the icy waters. But alas, this harmony is only surface deep.


Stay tuned for the next installment of the story: Janet’s Revenge. It involves a sled, a slope and the mangled Christmas tree lights the raccoon left behind!

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Supplies list:

Hero Art My Monthly Hero Card Kit (heroarts)

Arteza Real Brush Pens (amazon)

Bristol Smooth Paper (amazon)

Versafine Black Onyx Ink

Tim Holtz Mini Trimmer by Tonic Studios (amazon)

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Contact Paper for the background in the photo

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Concord & 9th Notable Numbers Bundle Four Ways

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